Everything considered, this is a mighty fine release! 

Carl Buxton (fireworks mag UK 2019)

Although this is the third album from Athens-based Karma, it really is the start of their Metal phase as prior to this release they were mainly a Rock and ballads band who predominantly sang in their own language. It really is quite remarkable that they have decided to pursue a genre as intricate as Symphonic Progressive Metal and pulled it off with such aplomb whilst incorporating Greek traditional music amongst other influences.

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Path of light (Prophecy I) is the first official video clip from Karma’s new album “Illusions”


Song: Path of light (Prophecy I) Album: Illusions

Vocals, Programming: Anna Manolaraki

Keyboards, Vocals: Vasilis Drakontaidis (Bill Dragon)

Guitar: Stathis Lianos Bass: George Boulmanos (studio) Stefanos Koutsouropoulos (v. clip)

Drums: Tasos Morfopoulos

Recorded, Mixed and Produced at Groove House Studios by Anna Manolaraki & Vasilis Drakontaidis (Bill Dragon) Mastered at Finnvox studios by Mika Jussila

Artwork by Immensa Artis

Choir: Elena Stratigopoulou (Soprano), Anna Manolaraki, Bill Dragon Music: Vasilis Drakontaidis (Bill Dragon) , Anna Manolaraki Lyrics: Panos Gkinis - Mariza Antonopoulou

director-editor: Nick Kodizas designer-set-costumes: Eva Katsali make up artist: Eyelena Katswrhi


starring: Nick Gkionis (kid)

Anthia Konstantinidou (Nick's mom)

we want to thank the members of the Tales of Ànnor (Greek LARP team) and all of our friends that participated

Erilin Crescent, Chris Christodoulou(Angandaur),Stamatis Varsamos, Alexandros Stasinakis, Panagiotis Floros, Alex -kun Ntemiris(larp warriors)

Featuring Apostolos Gkolfinopoulos Akis Zervos Vicky Manolaraki Sofia Lambrou Nick Sakkagiannis Marios Katsonis John Gkionis Polixeni Lazaropoulou Maria Lambridou Dora Moschopoulou George Karambelas aggeliki theofanous K Constantine Alexandra Paneli Vasileia Kakavou Evaggelia Fountoukidou Polixeni Kondili sponsored by NPC Crafting



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